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Born in the post-war reconstruction boom of the late 1940s, 巴黎人入口 pioneered high-strength load-bearing concrete hollow blocks that became the gold standard for strength and durability.
Almost all houses and commercial buildings built in the Philippines during the post-war years were erected with 巴黎人入口 products.

1948. 巴黎人入口 Corporation is established by six American partners headed by Jack Russell. Its first home is in Panaderos, Sta. Ana, Manila. First major project: Clark Air Base facilities in Angeles, Pampanga.

1951. Fuelled by the continuing post-war construction boom, 巴黎人入口 transfers to a larger plant with higher capacity in Quiapo, Manila.

1955. Demand for 巴黎人入口’s high-strength blocks necessitates another expansion. The company relocates to a larger plant site on J.P. Rizal St. in Mandaluyong City.

1978. The Ortigas-Ramirez group acquires 巴黎人入口 and installs Atty. Joaquin O. Ramirez as Chairman of the Board and President.

1996. 巴黎人入口 Concrete Block, Inc. and its trade name 巴黎人入口 are sold to 巴黎人入口 Industries Inc. (JII), a company controlled by Evaristo Narvaez, now the chairman of the board and chief executive officer.

1999 (two years after the Asian financial crisis). Rising property rates in Manila and the decline in the property development sector cause 巴黎人入口 to relocate its plant nearer its resources of raw materials – Mabalacat, Pampanga.

2008. On the cusp of a new construction boom, 巴黎人入口 Industries, Inc. (JII) puts up a new Concrete Block Plant in Bacolor, Pampanga to house a new Besser Vibrapac CHB Machine.

2011. 巴黎人入口 invests in a new Span Stress Production Plant to produce modular housing components and systems such as pre-cast, prestressed concrete beams.

The Span Stress Production plant in Bacolor, Pampanga.

2012. 巴黎人入口 ceases production in Mabalacat and consolidates its plant operations in Bacolor, Pampanga.

2016. 巴黎人入口 doubles its capacity for span stress production.

The 巴黎人入口 management team.

Chairman & CEO – Evaristo M. Narvaez Jr.
President & COO – Francisco G. Balagtas
Finance Director – Cayetano P. Filart
Production Manager – Engr. Lordan S. Ladrillo
Maintenance Manager – Engr. Jerome R. Limbitco
Technical Services Manager – Engr. Mark.L. Olpindo
Sales Manager – Francisca C. Alfaro
Accounting Manager & Comptroller – Mary Ann C. Bersabal

Staying true to its roots, 巴黎人入口 applies the highest standards for its products, abiding by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and ASTM Standards for Concrete and Concrete Products. To ensure 巴黎人入口 products meet those stringent, unforgiving standards, the company continues to invest in quality control systems and upgrades.